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Welcome to our blog.

Wait! Our blog? Our blog is actually your blog. We are here to help create a community with the people and places that best represent Sweden’s traditional craftspeople, environmental gardening enthusiasts, and sustainability champions. We want to speak with those you may have already heard about, as well as those you haven’t. We also want to find the next generation of young craftspeople who will carry Sweden’s culture and traditional methods into the future. And we want to share all of this, here, with you.

The dream is to create a space with like-minded folk who understand the undeniable connection between sustainability and the traditional building/gardening/homesteading methods of Sweden’s past. It is a heritage that can be passed forward with pride in knowing there is still opportunity for innovation within the traditional methods, ways we can positively impact climate change at a grassroots level, and people who are brimming with passion and ready to share their knowledge.

Thanks for joining us. And because we’re doing this for you, please drop us a line in the comments below and let us know what you’d be interested in hearing about here on the Cirkulära Tider blog.

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